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Carpe Diem Final Scene

first of all thank you for taking the time to view and read about my idea! What you see here is a representation of the movie "Dead poet society". 
It is a film produced in the USA in 1989, under the direction of Peter Weir.
The story is set in a prestigious American college, the Welton in the late fifties. It provides the boys with a very strict education, so much so that the four pillars of the college are: Discipline, Obedience, Tradition and Excellence.

This film is the story of one teacher who wants his students to learn to be free, despite everything.
The story of Professor Keating and his boys is a cult for many, for those who are young and those who have been; the man teaches his students to have a special thought, their own, a breaking thought that clashes with that of others, of the still conservative society of the 60s. 
Keating teaches his pupils in an "unconventional" way like this: 
Todd, Neil, Charlie, Knox, Meeks, and the others rediscover a new enthusiasm for poetry, art, and literature, and through words, verse, and their new mentor, they will feel protected and free. Beyond the walls of the school, the boys meet in a cave, secretly, at night and there, they are free to express themselves, create, dream, far from everything and everyone, from rules that smell of old and antiquated schemes.
"Sucking the marrow of life" is what Keating tries to teach his students: you must never conform, lower your head, do what others tell you to do.
The professor, driven by his love for youth and his love for teaching, does everything he can to help his students, whom he wants to be free thinkers, capable of going their own way, and to do this he moves them and encourages them to find their own identity, not thinking, in good faith, that this could be harmful to anyone. Keating will in fact be fired for his "unconventional" method of teaching, accused of diverting the young minds of his students.

When the group and Keating have to come to terms with the tragic reality, a feeling of injustice arises in the viewer because the spectator is part of that class, living with that passion and that youthful genuineness. The dramatic turning point at a certain point in the film, however, is softened or at least made more bearable by one of the most poetic scenes of the film when Keating meets his boys in the finale. Todd, the shyest of his students, stands up on the bench to prove to the man that he has understood his teaching, that nothing has been in vain, that every word has made a breach in their hearts and minds; Tod is followed by all the others who, rising on the bench, also address Keating with the phrase "oh captain, my captain!"

The scope of this moment encapsulates the meaning of the entire film, in that rebellion there is a message made of human passion, love for life, justice and friendship. The viewer is left with this breath of freedom in which there is Keating's and his poets' idea of life, for which existence is first and foremost made up of self-affirmation and authentic relationships.
The set is a representation of the final scene of the film where the boys stand on the desks addressing their professor precisely the famous phrase "oh captain, my captain!", iconic of the film and that probably each of us has said in our lives for one reason or another.
Made from: 1191 pieces (including a brick separator that is always needed :P).
Contains the minifigures of the 8 kids, the professor and the principal of the school that was teaching at that time (total: 10 minifigures) 
Commenorative tile to put on the front of the set between:
1- college crest
2- emblem with the title of the movie and the phrase of Professor Keating
3- phrase "carpe diem" with watercolor effect (very artistic xD)
The other 2 not chosen will be applied on the right wall of the classroom externally, so they will still be visible.
And a commemorative tile with the technical details of the film always placed on the front and center.
In the set there are also various Easteregg (9) of objects taken from scenes of the film (some hidden and some more visible). If you can find them write them in the comments ;) 
And remember to support if you like my idea! Every 1000 supports I will make an update to reveal 1 of the Easteregg :D
I leave you wishing you a good day and with the phrase of the protagonist of the film:
"Whatever people say around here, words and ideas can change the world."
- John Keating
Bye bye :)

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