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The Wanderer


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For those who still don't know it,
Wild Wild West is a 1999 film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, inspired by the 1960s television series
(The Wild Wild West).
It is a comic comedy that combines steampunk science fiction with a historical western setting.


Shortly after the end of the American Civil War, two sheriffs are assigned by the President of the United States to investigate a series of events that threaten the security of the country.
Special Agent James West, dynamic and full of insight, and Special Agent Artemus Gordon,
skilled in disguises and brilliant inventor of technological gadgets, find themselves side by side on the trail of Dr. Arliss Loveless, diabolical and brilliant inventor, devoid of legs and reduced on a steam-powered wheelchair with the intent of disrupting his plans for conquest.

To complicate the plans of the agents, however, there is also Rita Escobar, a beautiful and mysterious singer who at one point joins the two, because she is looking for one of the kidnapped scientists.

Between good and evil there is a relentless hunt that takes place for most of the film on a train full of steampunk technological gadgets built by Artemus.

The mythical `` Wanderer '', as well as the protagonist of my first Lego project,
My personal tribute to this magnificent and timeless film.

For the realization of the "Wanderer '' '' Studio 2.0 '' was used together with '' Part Designer '' with the aim of creating 8 stickers with aesthetic and identification purposes.
It consists of 2223 pieces.

The train is first seen when James West tries to join him on his horse begging Artemus Gordon to stop the train.
The "Wanderer" is loaded with secret weapons and devices, as well as a laboratory for Artemus Gordon's experiments, inventions and disguise wardrobe.


For the interpretation of James West and Artemus Gordon's private train, Warner Brothers was able to agree with the Baltimore and Ohio Museum Railroad to rent the "William Mason" No. 25 from their historical collection.

The Tractor was built by Mason Locomotive Works in 1856 and is currently the oldest operating steam locomotive in the United States.

In the spring of 1998, he was sent to Sante Fe, New Mexico for on-site filming.
It was returned to the museum in the fall of 1998 and until 1999, it was displayed still wearing the livery of the film "Wanderer".

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