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The Friends Summer Mansion

Please feel welcomed to this Friends Mansion.

What if you combine several Friends sets into one? Well, let's build a huge mansion. With a swimming pool and waterfall, a garden full of fun, a pet's place, a cuckoo clock, a sculptor's studio, a swing set, a DJ, an indoor-ski exercise and a roof terrace?

Drop by and don't forget to invite your Friends, like Mia, Stephanie and Olivia!
Thank you very much.

* * *
If you have the following sets, you can build this new Friends Mansion too:
3065, 41323, 41324, 41330, 41335, 41340, 41392
This design consists of 1059 parts and measures 34,4 x 45,6 x 32.5 cm and weights 1.15 kg.
* * *

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