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Lego Pop-Up Birthday Card

Nowadays, the most popular type of greeting cards is the pop-up birthday card. So, I thought that why can't we make one with Lego!
This is my Lego pop-up birthday card. It comprises of a big box which consists of four free side parts. They are kept steadily by enclosing them with a decorative lid which acts as the lid of the gift box. I have used hinges to make the side parts fall down freely when we open the lid just as in a cardboard pop-up card.

Inside the big box, there is small fixed box into which you can put your gift. The side parts are decorated with colorful Lego parts and birthday wishes.

The pop-up card can be personalized by using specific minifigures to represent the birthday boy or the girl. Not only for birthdays, it can be used for other occasions too. You can enjoy it by decorating it with your own theme and ideas.

So, I think that this will be a great surprise for a huge Lego fan on his/her birthday.
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