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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

It’s Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
A land of make-believe
Won’t you ride along with me?

I was inspired by my niece and nephews to create a Lego set of their favorite tiger and his neighbors for them to play with! They love Daniel Tiger and also love Lego Duplo and play with them all the time. Duplo would be the perfect size Lego pieces for their age and, as there hasn’t yet been a Duplo Ideas set, I think this would be a perfect one to be the first so that so many young children could enjoy playing and creating with their favorite tiger! This Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood set contains all the main characters and buildings to create a splendid neighborhood with endless creative story opportunities.

Characters included:

- Daniel Tiger along with his father and mother
- Katerina Kittycat and her mother Henrietta Pussycat
- Prince Wednesday and his parents, King Friday and Queen Saturday
- Miss Elaina and her father Music Man Stan and mother Lady Elaine
- O the Owl and his uncle X the Owl
- Teacher Harriet
- Trolley

Buildings included:

- The Tigers’ House
- Royal Family’s Castle
- Museum-Go-Round
- Treehouse
- School
- Clock Factory

Won’t you be my neighbor and vote for this set to help bring the Lego Duplo Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood to life?

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