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Train Passenger Coach


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For your consideration is a brown passenger coach inspired by a variety of older coaches. I designed this because I wanted more coaches attached to my Emerald Night and had an abundance of brown pieces. With the help of Pick A Brick, I was able to finalize the coach as it is seen here. I've since constructed a second and use both with my Emerald Night.

The door has enough room to open *almost* all the way :) Due to the railing, it is prevented from fully opening, however, I really like the detail the railing provides.

The model includes an easily removable roof to allow for access inside.

My two built coaches. These two currently are using dark stone gray base plates instead of the desired black. They also do not yet have an interior, but there are a variety of possible setups. I've considered several rows of seats all facing the same direction or, like the coach which comes with the Emerald Night, several tables with seats on both sides.

Lastly, here are the wheels with steps which line up with the entry to the coach.

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