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Half Modular Jewelry Shop


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Have you ever wanted to display your modulars on a shelf, but there wasn't enough room for that last one, leaving a gap as you had to displace the large modular building to a different shelf? Well, no more! Presenting: The Half Modular Jewelry Shop! With the approximate width of each of the buildings in the LEGO Pet Shop, this corner building is sure to add to your modular city, while bringing up a great corner space! (Perfect if you have that extra 16x32 space from the Assembly Square!)


  • Old-style elevator enables mini figures to travel between floors with relative ease
  • First Floor contains a fully-furnished shop, with housewares such as glasses, dishes, and other curiosities! 
  • Second floor contains a cozy apartment, with full kitchen, plants, curtains, chair and table! 
  • Set includes three minifigures, Salesman, Apartment Dweller, and Customer! 
  • Relax under the shade of the tree outside, and grow plants in the rooftop garden! 
  • Half Modular Jewelry Shop measures 5" wide, 10" long, and 9.5" tall! 
  • Set includes several interesting building techniques, including intricate detailing above the windows and sidewalk patterns.
  • Perfectly compatible with sets such as the 10224 Town Hall and 10218 Pet Shop!

Please support this project, let's see this get to 10,000! Thank you everyone, and continue to build build build! :) 

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