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Taskmaster UK House and Studio

Taskmaster is a show full of joy and laughter in every episode. Packed with iconic moments which fans delight in returning to again and again, each series introduces us to a new and hilarious group of contestants completing tasks dreamt up by Alex Horne, before facing the judgement of the Taskmaster, Greg Davies.

During the pandemic, in particular, Taskmaster has been invaluable in bringing some much-needed relief and hilarity into our homes. My family are huge fans of the show and, having posted some photos of the build on social media, I know that there are so many others around the world who share our passion for both Lego and Taskmaster. This pairing seems an ideal match, with Taskmaster encapsulating the same playful and creative spirit that we have when building with Lego. I created this set to capture the fun and enjoyment that we experience when watching the show, and as a happy reminder of the moments that have made us smile and, in some cases, cry with laughter!

This set contains all of the primary task locations seen in the show:

  • The Taskmaster house and garden
  • The TV studio
  • The caravan (including the interior)
  • The main task rooms - the study and the lab
  • The hallway, toilet and kitchen

A key playable feature is the ability to move the main task rooms from the house to the studio, so that they appear ‘on the screen’. It also means that these rooms are very accessible if you want to change the scenes occurring within them.

In the studio, Greg and Alex sit upon their thrones alongside the Taskmaster trophy, with the cast of series 5 (Aisling Bea, Bob Mortimer, Mark Watson, Nish Kumar, Sally Phillips). Help the Taskmaster to deliver his verdicts, as the contestants try in vain to defend their performance!

The house and garden are full of features that allow you to recreate memorable scenes from the show, including:

  • The song for a stranger (with Rosalind watching on)
  • Getting the basketball through the hoop
  • The water cooler moment
  • Aisling telling the story of Spoony Neeson
  • Sally’s special cuddle with Alex
  • Mark carrying a cupcake with a candle on it (v. fiddly)
  • Nish’s coconut businessman
  • Bob’s stop motion banana video

With other elements to discover, such as a fully rotating Ollie the statue, a shed full of equipment, and kitchen complete with watermelon in the fridge, this set is a must-have for any fan of the show.

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