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Modular Zoo


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Build your own adventure with a touch of Lego magic. Encounter exotic animals & experience exciting views at this MODULAR ZOO!

  • Let's celebrate the 10-year anniversary (2017) of the extremely popular modular line and fan-made Market Street!
  • Lego has made dozens of zoo-based products since 2006. All (but one minifig) have been Duplo. But everybody loves animals. Let's give them a home! Your minifigures will be delighted.

The habitat-based exhibits are packed with iconic features to capture the spirit of the animals' environments—can you spot them all?

Place the MODULAR EXHIBITS side-by-side to create an elephant-sized 50" wide footprint. Once you (or *ahem* your cubs) are done playing, you can stack and store them on the 10"x10" baseplate.

Great gift for animal and Lego fans of all ages

  • Engaging educational tool for parents and teachers
  • Awesome zoo gift shop product
  • Great parts for creative building (animals, plants, windows, etc.)
  • Purchase multiples to expand habitats (ex. aquarium for your octopus) and create your own (ex. reptile terrarium, gift shop)

It has a serious case to be produced:

  • Play-tested and approved by kids and adults
  • Pieces (~2,200) & height are on par with the Grand Emporium
  • Weight: ~2,750G
  • Molds: ~225 (ex. Gray 1 x 8 & Tan 1 x 8 plates use same mold)
  • Unique Bricks: ~400 (less than recent modulars despite variety!)
  • No pieces last produced before 2010 (doesn't consider colors)
  • Only ~13 pieces last produced before 2015 (most are animals)
  • Could bag exhibits separately so builders can create one at a time for a paced experience

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Thanks for your support!!

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