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The Ruby Hotel

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This was my very first building I made on Lego Digital Designer. If took me about 2 days or so and was not very challenging as you can search for your pieces using key words, unlike in real life. I worked on this with my sister since she is 14 and I am 11. I did a coin flip between cafe and hotel and hotel won. Then, I built the side walk when my sister suddenly thought of making an awning. So we made it but then decided to make that thing which they normally have in front of fancy hotels. It is red and gold. I decided to call it the ruby hotel since it has red walls.

The first floor contains a check in and a sofa. The red carpet out front continues inside up to the check in. the rest of the floor is tiled in a black and white checkered pattern.

This is another view of the front!

This is my hotel's pool. I put blue plates on it but is did not work out so I put transparent blue ones on top. I hope it turned out okay. The pool has a new dark red outline. I wanted to put a diving board but could not find a way to put one without blocking the way inside the pool

This is the back of my building. I was a few times in a hotel and noticed that most of them have balconies. So, I decided to add one to each of my two rooms. They have the same design except for the colours of the flowers. The second floor is supposed to be occupied but the third is not.

***********UPDATED WITH NEW INTERIOR PHOTOS!*************

This is the third floor. As you can see, there is a bathroom in one corner and in the bathroom there is a sink and a dresser with a counter. There is a large bed and four drawers with a telephone on top. The palm tree is for decoration. The second floor is the same as this floor but the dresser is in a different place and the bed is smaller. Also the theme for the second floor in black, white, red and yellow as opposed to the third floor's colour scheme being black and red. The second floor is a regular room and the third floor is a suite.

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