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Propeller Plane - With Realistic Controls

Propeller plane - with realistic controls

I am pleased to present to you my first submission!
It is a medium scale technic plane with realistic controls.

About the plane
The 'eye catcher' of this plane are the realistic controls. It may not show it, but all the control surfaces work. They are controlled from in the cockpit. The ailerons and elevator are controlled with the yoke, and the rudder with the pedals, just like a real plane.
To complement the functions, the plane comes with a nicely plated exterior.

The dimensions are:
  • length: 30 cm / 11"
  • width: 33 cm / 13"
  • height: 10 cm / 4"
And it has a total amount of 707 parts.

The functions
A good technic build wouldn't be complete without functions. This plane has plenty!
The complete list is a follows:
  • Working rudder
  • Working ailerons
  • Working elevator
  • Openable canopy
  • Freely spinning propeller
  • Steering rear wheel

Why would this model make a good set?
This model is what Lego technic is about. A not too complex build with a lot of functions. This is the main part of the model. To finish it off, the exterior is nicely made as well. In conclusion, it would make a nice addition to the collection of every Lego (technic) fan!

If you don't want to wait, and would like to build this model now, there are free, high quality instructions available here: ReBrickable
Here is a video displaying the functions. If you are interested in how the mechanisms work, feel free to skip to 1:19:

How the functions work

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