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Rainbow Manor (Everyone’s Welcome!)

Lego have always been a part of my life. I would spend hours in my basement coming up with all types of creations. When I had kids, I made sure that Legos were a huge part of their lives. My six year old daughter loves rainbows. I personally love rainbows. And my kids think that I’m a better builder than I actually am. So, I build them things and they tell how awesome I am. One day, I thought it would be cool to build something rainbow-themed. Honestly, I knew I’d get excessive praise from my kids and that was probably my main motivation. So, I purchased a bunch of rainbow blocks from Denmark, waited weeks for them to come, and started building when they arrived. I had no plan; I just let my imagination and the blocks guide me to this creation. My kids absolutely love it and they love playing with it. It’s been on a Lego table for a couple months and you wouldn’t believe how this silly little castle/manor has fueled their imagination. They’ve built jails, rainbow furniture, treasures, kitchens, and much more. We had to do a bit of spring cleaning to take these pictures, but I’m sure the place will be fully furnished again in the near future.

I think this would be a great product because I’ve watched the joy this building has brought to my family. The vibrant colors draws kids of all ages. And I would be honored if my creation could sprinkle a bit of joy in other families. Also, the rainbow is also a powerful symbol of grace, hope, redemption, pride, equality, and unity. 

I have no idea how many pieces are in the set because I didn’t think to count while I was building. It doesn’t seem like too many, but I would figure it would be over 1000. 

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