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The Diving Club.

Imagine your vacation in a paradisiac land ! Today you you discover the blue sea with its treasures !
The coral reef ! You will remember when you stood down there, surrounded by small fishes, starfishes, moray eel, and amazed by the coral. You will also remember you when you have crossed a black ray...and a reef shark ! And what about the octopus inside the wreck ! And the turtle !

This set contains about 1900 parts and 7 minifigs.

I have built this set with two faces :
  • The shore with the diving club and the pontoon, and the boat on one side,
  • And the coral reef on the other side.
  • These two scene are separated by a wall representing the landscape on one side with the Sun movable, and the ocean on the other.

The coral reef contains :
  • A hawksbill sea turtle,
  • A shark,
  • 2 octopuses,
  • A black ray,
  • A moray eel,
  • Starfishes,
  • A sea sponge,
  • A french angelfish,
  • Clownfishes,
  • Parrot fishes,
  • Triggerfishes,
  • Trumpetfish,
  • Other fishes,
  • And lot of coral of course !
Some animals are Lego parts, for the others i have tried to build them.
The coral reef can also turn to show its four sides.

I have created the boat as a functional diving boat with :
  • Scuba tanks, diving masks, diving fins,
  • A ladder to get in/out the water,
  • A tiny cabin.

For the diving club house, you can find inside :
  • Scuba tanks, diving fins,
  • An outside shower for the divers,
  • A water basin to rinse the diving masks…
  • Somethings to eat and to drinks of course !

This build is playable and with lot of details which could please the olders among us !

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