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Knights Kingdom - Gate of Morcia


This is the first of four sets, which together can give a set.

Each one is dedicated to one of the four knights of the kingdom of Morcia.

- Jayko (light blue)

- Danju ( violett)

- Rascus ( green)

- Santis ( red)

Depanding on the character of the set, elements of the building are decorated with the colors of the respective figure.

They can be modularly connected .

The beginning is made by Jayko. He has a light blue armor, so there are lots of light blue elements.

I hope you like the new project and you want to see more such sets.


I am a big fan of the Knights Kingdom II series and hope that there will be soon sets from this series officially from LEGO.

I wish you a lot of fun with my new project :)

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