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Powered support suit

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The future needs robots! These hardsuit models are sturdy, completely posable and fun to play with. They hold 1 minifigure and you can clip his personal equipment to slots on the mech. There are lots of fun designs for the arms and shoulders including power claws, missile packs, canons, radar and comm equipment and machine guns. I have even made construction variants and firefighting mechs.

Close up of riot shield with undermounted RPG and Magazine fed canister gun.

Don't worry, my kids say these 2 are on the same team! Good thing because the one on the left is ready for buisness with his twin 105mm main gun arms! The one on the right is no slouch either with his Power claw and dreaded GAU4 gatling gun. Both have extra arrays of shoulder and pintel mounted weaponry! LOOK OUT!

Every part is sturdy and posable. Lots of details like spotlights and the designs are easy to mod! depending on the equipment the piece count comes out to 160-200 bricks.

Personal equipment is easily attached to armor pieces. Currently i have about 10 different variants based on the same chassis. The chassis has gone through about 3 major re-structures and the feet (The hardest part for me) have gone through about 5. I have 2 chassis designs. The one you see here and the bulkier one holding the Shield and canister gun above, although the difference between the two (apart from the head which was development experiment) is only 2 bricks. I have 2 good feet designs which i use interchangably. They all also come with a standardized fusion pack on the back which you cant see from these angles. There are mounting bricks on each shoulder so the equipment and weapons are easily switched out to your hearts desire! My next project is a Mech Garage to store all my half built mechs and equipment. Thanks for reading!

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