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Giant Slalom (2in1)

                                                           Hi ! (especially sport fans)

(Accurate brick count of this idea: 2947 bricks were used).
I´m introducing you a playable Giant Slalom with the possibility of playing in 2 types of race - You can choose if you want to race on the ski or snowboard!
This set consists of many details:
-start with the openable stick
-realistic blue and red gates 
-blue lines along the way down
-safety net
-TV broadcast station
- A seat for the current leader of the race
- A stand for holding ski and snowboard
-Coaches looking on the performances of racers
-Results board
-Working ski lift
and detailed downhill ski track!

I´m a huge sport fan and I like downhill skiing so I´ve tried to made this set as playable as I could. It is quite disappointing that there aren´t many sport theme lego sets so I believe that if you support my project we can finally have at least something connected to sport:) 

This is a perfect set for many players because you can create your own race, check your time and see who will become a winner of the slalom!
How to play:(it is easy) :)
1. choose one minifigure
2. Choose ski or snowboard type of race
3. prepare your rider to the starting box
4. switch on the stop-watch and start your ride
5. check your time after finish.
6. The current leader has to be on special seat
7. take up your rider back on the start by working ski lift
8. prepare for the second run
9. The rider with the best time wins!
There is also possibility of changing gates for the 2nd run :)

I hope you will appreciate my idea and if yes, just simply click the button "support" and share it!

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