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The Devils Angel Vs The Mermaids

What is this set about? Zane Norrix, is the captain of the Devil's triangle a ship named from its mysterious origin. The crew members aboard were Zane Norris, Adrian Trucker, Aaron Morris and the twins Crystal and Cassie Daymon. They used to be pirates, keywords "used to be" as they were one of the many pirates that were eliminated by the imperials. The crew was awakened by the trident, a magical item known to be held by the god of the sea Poseidon. And then the whole world's nightmare has awoken

Why did I build this? I built this for many reasons. One main reason is that I love pirates, but who doesn’t. The second reason why I built this is that I like to build and it would be awesome if this made it as a set. Last reason it’s just fun to build and use my imagination.

Why I think this should become a set. Lego has made eleven pirate ships and only on undead ships. which was the Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales, Silent Mary. So I made this for my love of the undead and pirates. This set is made with two thousand six hundred and forty-four pieces, and many different techniques and pieces.   

This Set Contains. 

1. Twelve Minifigures.

2. Two big figure sharks. 

3. One imperial dinghy with oars and a flag. 

4. Eight starfish.

5. One crab. 

6. One figurehead. 

7. One shipwreck. 

8. Twenty-two cannons. 

9. One helm at the end of the ship (helm means wheel) 

10. Four crows nests. 

and last but not least is the Captain's Quarters.

I hope that this makes it to the Lego review. Please support and share with friends, family, and followers


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