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Vienna Schönbrunn


Dear Viewers, Lego-Team,

Here I present to you my Lego-vision regarding the Palace of Schönbrunn in Vienna.

This version is within the Lego-ideas/standards, my other Schönbrunn projects had too many bricks (one consisting of 13109 bricks).

The Palace belongs to the World Cultural Heritage and is the number 1 location visited by tourists in Austria.

In  comparison to the Palace of Versailles, Schönbrunn is "alive" because people live in the breathes so to speak. Also the symetry and the moderate architecture is what makes it so special, and still so majestic.

Because the castle and its front courtyard buildings are a great unity with the two colums I included it within the project.

So I think the Palace should, or should I say must, become part of the Lego program.

With kind regards and looking forward to your comments,

Ricardo Oellers


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