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Japanese Temple

So recently I created a Japanese Castle and it was really fun to make! I decided my next build would focus more on the Japanese garden and less on the main structure. This is what led me to my newest build! The Japanese temple! The Japanese temple has a little less than 3000 pieces and was made on

Building the environment was really fun and I'm going to go over my favorite details:
  • On the right-hand side, I added a large waterfall! Some of my favorite details of it are the mini cherry blossom tree and the fish behind it. 
  • On the river, there is a lantern on its own little island. It's a small detail that I feel adds a lot to the build
  • In front of the set, there is a Japanese gate. Before the gate was going to be really small,  I decided to make it 2 times as big. Now the entrance looks more grand and exciting.
  • There is a bridge that leads from the entrance to the house. I tried to make the bridge look fancy using the colors red, dark red, and brown. 
  • Finally on the left corner is my favorite detail. I added a Japanese sand garden! It was a really fun experience to make and I really liked doing it.

The Build:
For the temple I added 5 rooms:
  • The top floor is the bedroom. For the bed, I made it so the bed is facing diagonally. Beside it are four cabinets.
  • The third story is the kitchen. There's not much to say about the kitchen except that I put a mini bonsai tree on the cabinet.
  • After that came to the dining room. The dining room has a mini cherry blossom tree on the table. 
  • The first floor is a living room. In the living room, I added a household shrine for past ancestors.
  • Finally in the basement, there is a bathroom. I tried to make it old-fashioned and look like it was made a long time ago.

Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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