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Spyro the Dragon


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  Based on the popular " Spyro the Dragon " video game series . Spyro the Dragon, everyones favorite dragon could now be a lego set ! With about 30 points of articulation this dragon is ready to take flight . With 56 pices and a nice color selection this is a nice size for travel convience . I got the idea to build this set while I was just sitting around and I saw the case for spyro 2 riptos rage and thought hey that would make a realy cool lego set . So I got out my laptop and started building in lego digital designer or LDD . After a few hours and alot of placing, deleting, and looking through all the lego elements I finaly came to this . This would make a realy cool lego set because Spyro is cool, video games are cool, and legos are cool . So what do you get when you fuse all three ? The coolest lego set ever !

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