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Brickolini's Pizzeria


Welcome to Brickolini's Pizzeria, Lego Islands premiere eating establishment!

Stop on by and order Papa Brickolini's famous spicy pizza. Take a seat in our courtyard dining room and enjoy a slice of pizza and a refreshing strawberry and pineapple slushie. Take in the ambience and listen to Mama's piano renditions of the finest Italian operas.

Don't feel like dining in? No worries, delivery boy Pepper is on the way with your pizza. He'll deliver your pizza by skateboard in 30 minutes or less!

So come on by and try Brickolini's Pizzeria! Remember it's the only restaurant on Lego Island!


I played Lego Island as a child, it was one of my first computer games and it occupies a special place in my heart. My favorite character to play as was Pepper, I loved racing around the island to deliver pizzas and hanging out with Mama and Papa. The game is a lost gem, with a wicked sense of humor, great characters and memorable voice acting.

For this project I wanted to capture the look and feel of the original pizzeria, but with some modern amenities and building techniques. The pizzeria is a little more spacious now and features a range of kitchen items and ingredients as well as a stone fired oven and a slushie machine. The facade has seen some improvements too with a new roof design and counter seating for patrons. Mama's piano has received a nice tune up too.

I included three minifigures for this model: Mama, Papa and Pepper

The model is approximately 550 pieces.

So for those in need of some serious 90's nostalgia, please consider supporting this project.

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