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Tudor-Style Candy Store

This is a candy store. It includes the store itself on the ground floor and an apartment above it. I decided to try building a Tudor-style building for this project, based on pictures of many different real-world Tudor-style buildings. The Tudor style is quite famous, and so I feel that not having a modular Tudor-style building makes the modular building collection a bit lacking. Please note that all images were created by me.
The ground floor of this building is the candy shop itself. Inside, there are twenty-four small buckets where different varieties of candy can be sold. Three "candies" of each of twenty-four varieties are included with the building to be used for play and display. The floor is checkered with different shades of blue tiles to create a fun atmosphere. The checkout counter is in the back, which has a cash register, and above it is a newspaper article, presumably about how great the candy store is! In the very back of the store is a locked door. This door leads to a staircase, which leads upstairs to the apartment.
The upstairs apartment includes a separated bedroom, bathroom, and an open area with a dining table and a full kitchen. The bathroom contains a toilet, a sink, mirror, and shower. The shower has soap inside, and the bathroom has a bright clean look with white tile. The bedroom contains a bed with green bedsheets, and a poster on the wall. The kitchen has a refrigerator, stove, oven, sink, and plenty of storage space, while the dining table as two chairs, a mug, and a pie for the resident minifigure to eat. The apartment also has some tasteful decorations to spruce up the space.
There are three minifigures in this project. They are, in order of presentation:
  • A store employee
  • The resident of the apartment above, or a customer for the candy store
  • A young customer of the candy store
Thank you for checking out this project! I really hope you liked it. If you did, please support, comment, follow, and share. And, if you're interested, you can check out my other projects here.

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