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Kath And Kim’s Good Room

My product idea is Kath and Kim‘s Good Room, it is based off the Australian TV show “Kath and Kim'',  I built this set, because I am a regular viewer of Kath and Kim on Netflix. It is an amazing comedy for most ages. I love the show because of its wacky sense of humour and the way the Kath says “look at moiiii!”  This would make a great LEGO set because of its three mini figures, Kim Kath and Sharon, it is both a kitchen, dining room, and good room or lounge room. It has a TV, a coffee table, a bench for serving food and  cracking open a bottle of tia Maria and putting on the footy franks, A sink, and more than a few places for Kath to hide her cigarettes, it also has a pantry that Kim raids often.  It would make a great set because there has never been a Kath and Kim submission.

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