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lego TRON:End of Line Club

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This prodject was made by my 12 year old son Jackson. The description of the prodject is writen by him.This is my second legoTRON set. It takes place at the End Of Line Club!

In the main room, Sam Flynn is battling it out with some of Clu's worriers. in the corner, there is some pixles of one of Clu's worriers that got hit with a deadly identidy disk.

This is the door that leads into the club. it leads to an elevator instead of a hallway becouse the End of Line Club is located at the top of an extreemly tall building.

This is the owner's private lounge. The owner who claims that he is a person named zues,the person sam was looking for. He has his own table for serving drinks and invites sam to have some of it. The owner turns out to be an evil man named Castor who wants to steal Kevin's identidy disk.

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