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Chanel inspired Lego Bag

I currently work as a creative pair with Jonathan Wedlake at a fashion creative agency, so it is very much a part time hobby to design items.

I am in no way affiliated with Lego or Chanel. I made this bag a couple of years ago as a present for my girlfriend. In light of the recent SS13 Chanel show, where a Lego inspired bag drew a lot of attention, I thought I should share my take on a Lego Chanel bag.

The model is custom made; designed on a Lego program, ordered the pieces from Lego, and super-glued it all together, it functions as a working bag.

The only element not made of lego is the strap. The CC logo is made with Lego man heads.

Below is a computer render of my design.

This was the first prototype I built

The final Product

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