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This is 1:100 scale model of LZ129 "Hindenburg" zeppelin.
The model is 245 cm long and 40 cm wide at its widest diameter.
Details included:
- Steering gondola
- 2 fully detailed passenger decks
- An Opel "Olympia" cabriolet (1st car ever to be flown over the Atlantic ocean)
- 4 motor gondolas
- 4 rear fins (including steerable flaps)
And many more...

See my Flickr account for more photos.
Or youtube for a
Or read the background article in the Hispabrick magazine:
Hispabrick magazine No 15

View from the side, one of the two port motor gondolas are visible. To get an idea of the scale of this airship: On the lower beam that connects the front port motor gondola to the hull a little blue microfigure is visible. That figure is on scale with the rest of the model...

The upper passenger deck:
17 double rooms
On the port side the dining area
On the starboard side the lounge area (including the special-made lightweight piano)
On both sides the large panorama windows
2 stairs to the lower deck with the toilet, bathroom, gamble & smoke room, bar and kitchen

A storage compartment with the aforementioned cabriolet and some crates and barrels
A toolshop with a mechanic inside


Coverage on the web:
Microbricks: (A dutch radioshow where I talked about the Hindenburg)

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A view from the inside looking to the front. The strengthening links between the spokes and the circlesegments are good visible. They add a suprising amount of rigidity to the structure.

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