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Monster Truck With Dependent Suspension.


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In Iceland we have a long tradition of modifying cars, to be able to drive on highland roads and on glaciers. The highland roads can be very challenging, and contain a lot of loose gravel and rocks, and sometimes you have to cross quite deep and wide rivers.

The inspiration for this truck are these Icelandic off-road vehicles, but the wheel size brings it into the category of monster trucks.

My kids are endlessly playing with the truck, and I had an old LEGO Technic figure that fits into it. I think that it would be a good idea to revive, and modernize these figures, since they add a ton of play value.

About the truck:

  • The truck has dependent suspension, both on the front and back wheels. Dependent suspension is more rugged for such cars, since the axle is sturdily built, and can handle bumping into rocks.

  • Longitudinal locating links hold the front and back axles in place.

  • Lateral locating links prevent the axles of the truck from moving to the sides.

  • The truck has spring suspension.

  • In the back, the truck has a live axle with a differential drive. The drive shaft connects it to the engine and moves the pistons.

  • The truck has steering, and the shaft that leads from the knob, on top of the truck, imitates a drive shaft from the transfer case to the front (live) axle.

  • The hood/bonnet can be opened to see the pistons move in the transparent engine block.

  • Both front and back doors of the truck can be opened, and the tailgate as well.

  • The steer can be adjusted up and down, and the gear leaver can be moved back and forth.

  • The glove compartment can be opened, and the lights, on top of the car, can be tilted back and forth.

  • LEGO Technic figures fit in the car.

  • I decided to render the images of the car using metallic copper color in combination with metallic silver, but I also included renderings of other color suggestions.

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