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Star Wars Chess


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This is my new project for Star Wars Chess! This is like my other chess set, LoTR Chess but SW themed. I'll now tell you which one is which. Good guys: Plo Koon is the rook, Ki-Adi Mundi is the knight, Mace Windu is the bishop, Anakin Skywalker is the king, Obi-Wan Kenobi is the queen and phase II clones are the pawns. Bad guys: Super Battle Droid is the rook, Commando Droid is the knight(It's VERY fitting), Darth Maul is the bishop, General Grievous is the queen, Count Dooku is the King, and B1 Battle Droids are the pawns.

The chess board is identical to normal ones with 4x4 plates with tiles on top for black and white tiles that minifigs can stand in. That's the whole set, I hope this convinced you to support!

-Toy Bonnie (Don't count on that name, I'll probably change it)

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