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Little Shop of Horrors

Join us on Skid Row!! Come visit the world of Little Shop of Horrors. I originally built this for the music contest but thought it would make a great set idea as well so I submitted as a product entry as well. Little shop Is a classic musical about a guy (Seymour) who works at a florist shop when suddenly his life turns upside down through the help of a strange unidentified plant (Audrey 2) that grows the more it consumes...

As you can see we have All The Loved Characters such as Audrey, Audrey 2, Mr Mushnik, The Dentist, and last but not least... Seymour!! I've included some scenes from different parts of the show for those of you familiar with it. I know I don't have the greek chorus due to not having the right pieces and I hope to build a larger full building model but well see what happens.. Hope you all enjoy it and if you have any ideas to improve please let me know!