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Minifigures Chess Set

This is a chess set I made using Lego minifigures as the pieces. I tried to keep to the classic black and white design but added an extra border of curved pieces and a tower in each corner to make the set look more modern.

Here are the white minifigures that are used in the game. The King has a long sword, a classic shield and a crown. The Queen has a wand and a crown. The bishop has a staff and a bishop's hat. The knight has a regular sword, a helmet and a circular shield. The rook is made up of different Lego bricks. The pawn has a long helmet and a short sword.

The black minifigures are identical but for the fact that they are black instead of white. All of the minifigures and the rooks clip onto the two studs on each space of the board.

The board has the same number of spaces as an actual chess board and each space has two studs in the middle to hold the minifigures. I have themed the board by making the border black on one side and white on the other, showing each player's side.

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