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Iceman vs. Sentinel Mark X


I made this set to be based on a scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

It includes minifigures Iceman and Blink, as well as a Sentinel Mark X figure.

The Sentinel's basic structure is based on the one in 76022: X-Men vs. the Sentinel (Link to set here: but with a fairly different design: it has a large drill on one arm and claws for fingers on the other. 

The set includes 3 ice pieces: a trap for the Sentinel to have it's foot frozen in place, an ice blast for Iceman to use on the Sentinel, and an ice shield for Iceman to cover himself, or Blink from one of the Sentinel's attacks.

This is my first project so it may not be the best, but I hope I can gather enough supporters for this to be produced officially, and if you're a true X-Men Cinematic Universe fan, I know I can get your support!

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