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Immortalis Warton Troop Ship

Here we have the Warton Troop ship For my new theme LEGO Immortalis (I'll post that later).
You can see the guy with the Darth Maul horns, right? Well he's pretty much one of the highest-class villains in the ranks of the Un:derWo:rld. His name is Warton, and he's the one who designed the ship.

These guys are Un:der Drones, the foot soldier of the Un:derWo:rld Armada. The guy at the back is special, and is an Un:der Soldier, one of the higher ranks in the Armada. Each Drone and soldier is powered by a localised Nuc:Leer Core, which wirelessly feeds them energy (not in this set).

This is a view of inside of the cockpit. Sitting at the front is an Un:derWo:rld General, Taaris, and behind him is Commander Qah, (pronounced kah) a Sentient Un:der Droid.

Here we have the other minifigs in the set, (from left to right) Mor:tix Ray, Warton, Heavonlea, Gatekeeper (young) and another view of the Drone.

Enjoy! BRKTRN :)

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