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B.E.2b: First World War Aircraft


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The B.E.2b (B.E. stood for Blériot Experimental) was one of the handful of aircraft available to the Royal Flying Corps at the outbreak of hostilities in 1914. These unarmed aircraft played a useful role in reconnaissance activities but with the arrival of the Fokker E.III in the skies over the Western Front, the B.E.2b was so outclassed that it earned the dubious nickname of ‘Fokker Fodder’.

The inclusion of minifigures in scale projects introduces an interesting challenge, so here are my thoughts on the topic: For this series I have tried to match the dimensions of the aircraft to the head and shoulders of the pilot figures as these are the only body parts visible. By my estimation, the head size of a minifigure would translate to a total body length of around 8cm if the figure was of 'normal' human proportions. I therefore ensure that my model could incorporate an 8cm tall figure (or figures) in a seated position.

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