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Steam Passegner Train


After an over three-month hiatus, I have finally returned to LEGO Ideas with more projects. This is the Steam Passenger Train, a project that I completed building three days ago from the time that this text was typed.

The Steam Passenger Train LEGO train set is 1,285 pieces. It includes a red steam locomotive with a red tender, a blue passenger car, a yellow mail car, and a white dining car. There are also seven minifigures in this set, in which three are the crew of the train, and four are the passengers.

Inside the cab of the steam locomotive is a small interior with valves, gears, and a firebox. The locomotive has a swinging bell, a garbage-can smoke-stack, and a 0-4-0 wheel-arrangement with a coupling rod. The tender has a unique load to carry instead of the typical coal to spark the fire in the firebox. This load is actually a dummy-version of the Powered-UP Hub! With the 88009 Hub, the 88010 Remote Control, and the 88011 Train Motor, the steam locomotive is fully operational and ready-to-run!

Next is the passenger car. The interior is merely three seats for the passengers that all face the same direction. The most notable thing about the passenger car, which can be also noted on all of the cars excepting the tender, is that the roof is a seven-stud-wide build.

Then, there is the mail car. Its interior beholds a letter sorting shelf, an organization desk, and two bins full of unsorted letters. Unlike the passenger car, the mail car has multiple places for a minifigure to stand.

Last but not least is the dining car. In it are two seats, in which a table stands in between, as well as a cashier's counter and an oven for pizza.

Thank you for viewing this project! If you think that there is something in this project that should be added, taken away, or changed, please do tell me if you have the time. Have a great day, everyone, and take care! Project submitted by Joseph cheeseinthepie on June 25th, 2019.

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