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My Vegetable Garden

“My vegetable garden” is the transposition of my experience in an urban garden. Most of my "colleagues" started this type of activity there, few had cultivated them in the past, for everyone it is a continuous mutual aid, both as an exchange of information, opinions, ideas, and also for work. At the beginning we might have had a hoe, slowly we all got equipped a bit. Now everyone has a tool shed, a shed to shelter from the sun in the hottest months and, above all, almost all of us have brought a barbecue there!! A strange community has been created, people of all kinds, families with small children who come above all to let their children have contact with nature and experiences that would otherwise be impossible in the city, retired seniors who come to keep busy, so many that they carry out the most disparate jobs that perhaps need to be distracted. We are all a bit children when we are there, the expressions of happiness and satisfaction of adults and children (like my grandchildren) when they see the newly sown plants sprout are exactly the same. When I am there, I forget about everything, about work, problems, the cell phone, I don't even look at my watch anymore. Every weekend they are there,
I am fond of everything I cultivate and then, when you start from the seed or from a plant and arrive at a dish on the table, you feel it yours, it is tastier, it is certainly tastier!!! In addition to relaxing and having fun, everything I can grow there is the result of hours of dedicated work, sweat and effort, as well as for everyone else, and this leads everyone to have respect above all for "the neighbor's garden".

I tried to carry all this into my model, since Lego has always given me the same feelings of happiness, tranquility, light-heartedness and a bond with the creations that will never end, from when I was 6 years old to today, after over 40 years.

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