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Brick Greenhouse and Community Garden

Welcome to Brick Greenhouse and Community Garden. Nestled in the heart of the city is this Urban Oasis.
This is the perfect escape for city dwellers, looking for a moment to unwind without having to travel too far.

Occupying a vacant lot, the green space features a Victorian-inspired greenhouse; raised planter beds; and a gently draping wisteria tree to provide shade for all the patrons of the garden. The stone path guides guests from the entrance gate through the beds of fruits and vegetables, were many folks are hard at work harvesting the bounty the garden provides. Small children find sanctuary under the wisteria tree’s branches, the perfect place for mischief and fun.

Along the path guests encounter a small bridge and walkway that carries them over the lily padded pond and into the beautiful white greenhouse. Inside a young couple nurtures their budding romance and their seedlings. Topiaries and tools line the interior of the greenhouse. Everything is bordered with a beautiful wrought iron-fence which is butted up against the walls of buildings that long since disappeared.

Why…A Garden and Greenhouse?

This build is something needed in the city landscapes of the Lego world. With so many different businesses and lofts, a little green is a great addition and welcome change for the industrial landscape.
I am a collector of Creator Expert buildings, and after building Assembly Square, I thought you know what would be great next to this center…A Garden.
There are so many buildings in the line that I wanted to see something with structure and nature combined. This build connects to any of the Creator modulars allowing a little bit of change to the city block.

The Build Features:

-Wrought-iron Fence with functioning gate
-Stone path that snakes throughout the entire build
-Raised Planters with various fruits and vegetables
-Wisteria tree with adjustable branches
-Small pond with water lilies
-Victorian-Inspired Greenhouse with roof that opens
-Seven different mini-figures included with different gardening accessories

Why… Would this make a great set?

As mentioned before this set is designed to connect to any of the Creator Expert modulars which makes it a great addition to any display. This build also is beautiful as a stand-alone set. Adults and children alike are sure to delight at all the little details and surprises.

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