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Architecture Skyline Aschaffenburg

This is my nanoscale attempt of the Aschaffenburg "skyline". Aschaffenburg is a smaller city without big skyscrapers, but lots of smaller beautiful sights that form the cityscape. I also added the huge Bauhaus sign which is viewable even from many miles afar.
The Architecture Skyline set features (from left to right)
  • Ebertbrücke, with the bridge lights in the city's colors.
  • Pompejanum, the roman style villa.
  • Schloss Johannisburg, Aschaffenburgs famous renaissance castle.
  • City Galerie, the big shopping mall, with two of the characteristic roundabouts
  • Bauhaus sign, not that pretty but still viewable from afar :)
  • Platanenallee, beautiful alley in the core of the city.
  • Herstallturm and the pedestrian area with lots of shops and old buildings.

The Build has around 350 bricks and all of them exist. This is my first MOC I ordered parts for. As I am writing this, I still am waiting for a few bricks. So exited :)

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