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Tiny House Homestead


This is a lego replica of an ACTUAL tiny house built by a friend of mine (pictures below with the full description). A few details have been changed out of necessity or aesthetics, but it is as true to life as possible, including the scale.

I think this build has great possibilities. Tiny eco-houses are THE thing now, and Lego is missing out on an opportunity! If you would like a tiny house in your Lego collection, please support and share this.

Full description:

The outside of the house includes many details of their small farm: chickens, a tractor, a garden, and of course the ever present weeds ;) The three roof panels easily remove to show a charming interior containing all the amenities of a normal home, albeit more compressed. Right next the door is a small kitchen with a woodstove, a sink, cabinets, an oven, and an opening/closing fridge. Against the far wall is a living room complete with a sofa and bookshelves. The bathroom is equipped with a shower, an environmentally-friendly composting toilet, and a vessel sink. Above the dining room you will find the bed-loft and over the bathroom their son’s play-room. The tiny house includes three minifigures, all posed in dynamic roles and interacting with the build. If you have questions, or would like more information about the tiny house, please let me know in the comments.

   Thank you for reading!



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