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Mini Unimog


This Unimog is built at the same Minifig scale as other City construction vehicles, yet it has functional steering like the large scale Technic set that inspired it (8110).  Its footprint is roughly 6 studs wide by 17 studs long and is made up of over 350 elements to form a very detailed and solid construction.  Many small elements add up to make it a heavier model than one might expect for a Lego truck of this size. It features a flatbed that tilts 120 degrees, and enough space behind the headlights to add Power Functions LED headlights.

This stop motion video shows how all of its elements combine to become the Mini Unimog as well as its various functions:

About the Build:

This model went through many iterations before I considered it finished.  The biggest design challenge was fitting the desired amount of detail into the hood while supporting the windshield at an angle that could legally connect back to the roof for maximum rigidity.  Lego Digital Designer was instrumental in solving this problem.  It was also tricky getting the steering to work at this small scale while preventing the wheels from coming into contact with the surrounding wheel wells.

I hope you like the Mini Unimog.  More pictures will be posted to my flickr photostream.  Please vote for this to be produced as an official Lego set and check out my other ideas including Knight Rider.  Thanks for your support!

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