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Giant LEGO Minifigure!


This is a 40 cm tall, 738 brick model of a classic minifigure. It includes every visible detail found on a real figure, from a fully poseable head, hands, arms, and legs, to stud connecting holes on the backs of the legs. Many details that are not immediately obvious are also included- there are even cylindrical tubes inside to clip the head, torso and legs together.

This figure has taken me around 3 weeks to design and model, with the most complicated parts such as the head and arms being made and adapted several times before I was satisfied with their design quality. I measured every element of a real figure carefully whilst designing it, to ensure that this is as accurate as possible a recreation whilst still using mostly fairly standard bricks. It is built to a scale of 10:1, so it is ten times the size of its smaller counterpart!

This figure has endless potential for both play and display purposes, in much the same way as a normal sized minifigure has. With a small collection of LEGO bricks and a bit of imagination, you could even build custom accessories for it, such as items for it to hold, hats for it to wear, or perhaps even a tiny skateboard for it to ride!

Thank you for taking the time to view my project, and remember every supporter & share counts!

I would also really appreciate it if you'd consider having a look at, and maybe supporting, my other projects. My latest one is Spike the Dragon, which is an original design of mine incorporating lots of play value and display opportunity.

Emerson :-)

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