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The set represents one of the most famous board games and is known by a few names; in fact, in my family, we know it as Parkase. However, the name does not matter. The board game includes dice and a vase to throw them, game pieces (four for each player), and a game board with all its cells beautifully decorated. An important detail is that the game board can be easily disassembled without dismantling the whole set, providing the opportunity to keep all the pieces and start a game with the family at any time. Undoubtedly, this is an attractive quality because the set was designed to be completely functional.
The Parcheesi or Parkase game holds significant meaning for me because it is a tradition in my family. Therefore, I appreciate the idea of sharing a moment of happiness through a Lego set.
The set is very fun, aesthetic, and functional. Furthermore, it is didactic. That is why I consider that it reflects the philosophy that Lego has with its products.

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