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House in a Cheese


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This is the new Lego house in a cheese. Outside, it looks as a common full cheese, but inside it contains some furniture made of glowing mushrooms. The house in a cheese is made of 4 removable parts each has the same size and shape, but each inner part represents a room:

  • The living room contains a sofa made by parts of two mushrooms and three mushrooms as the back, a kind of puff that is a single mushroom and another mushroom in the wall that is a fixed lamp.
  • The bed room contains a bed that is made by four incomplete mushrooms in the corners, a full mushroom in the center and some mushroom pieces as pillows, and a mushroom as a nightstand.
  • The dining room only contains a mushroom table and four mushroom tables.
  • The hall is composed by a double stair with 7 steps each side, each step is made by a mushroom of long or short size.

Coming soon:

First floor:

  • Replace the bedroom with a kitchen

Second floor:

  • Three new rooms
  • Unorganized attic

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