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Black and Gold Bike


This is a technic model of a motorcycle, or motorbike. Almost all of the parts are technic parts, aside from the decorative speedometer and printed tile, and gold spinner crown. I have always liked the look of gold Lego parts, and feel that they look great as an accent to a mostly black model. The few gold pieces stand out on the otherwise dark bike.

I don't often build technic models. I was testing different techniques when building this and thought, what can I build using these pieces? I got to work and soon enough had a motorcycle.

I think people will like this set for many reasons. It is a technic model, and those seem to do well. It is a larger technic model, as far as motorcycles go. People like detail, and I tried to make this as detailed as I could, while still trying to only use technic pieces.

I hope you enjoy my model!

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