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Adobe Lodge at Lego National Park


Located in the farthest reaches of Lego National Park, Adobe Lodge is your premier destination for a relaxing desert vacation. Make a reservation in one of our four guest rooms, enjoy a meal at the restaurant and bar, or visit Midnight at the stable behind the Lodge.

The Lodge consists of 1968 bricks, designed in the Adobe architecture style of the American southwest with exterior ladders and stairs. Other features include:

  • An upscale restaurant including a bar, piano, and grandfather clock
  • A fully stocked kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, double sink, cooking utensils, and a breakfast buffet
  • Four guest rooms, each uniquely decorated with different furniture and accessories
  • Covered horse stable with a swinging gate
  • 8 minifigures, a desert turtle, and a horse
  • Cacti and tumbleweeds

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