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The Queen of Hearts' Castle

As I am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll and the adaptation by the Disney studios, I would like to recreate a scenery of this work.
I have choosed to build the Queen of Heart's castle because this is the most important building in this univers. The Queen of Heart is also the most memorable vilain of this story.
So you can discover this fancy castle, really different from the medieval theme. Indeed this one is colorfull with many shades of blue and red, included bright light orange instead of the grey from medieval theme.
Moreover the curve shapes of this castle makes it unique. You will enjoy this build by discovering many building technics. Indeed there are 5 towers and each one has it own technic : snot, brick round, plates and curved slopes.
By the way, this build is not only a castle but a garden too. This is a 33cm by 29cm place where you will find the "painting the roses in red" scene. There is also the main entrance with the arch hedge build like a heart which lead to the path until the castle entrance keep by 6 cards soldiers.
So I hope you will enjoy and spend many hours to build this 37cm castle made up of 1756 parts !

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