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Vintage Lantern

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to present to you the incredible stuff from the past! The first tubular lantern (also known as Hurricane Lantern) was designed by John H. Irwin on May 4th, 1869 in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

This is a fully working lantern with my own idea of turnable bottom part and mechanism in it, which turns the electric light brick inside the lamp on and off. So, the mechanism is really simple, when you turn the bottom for 45 degrees, the cross axle goes up and press the light brick and the light turns on. And when you turn again, the cross axle goes down and the light turns off.

As you probably and already noticed, I really love vintage stuff and most of all I love to create my ideas with LEGO parts. Recently, this incredibly beautiful cold blast lamp caught my attention. I immediately began to think about its design and went through many options for its assembly, and in the end, I stopped at this one. As the color for the bricks, I picked again my favorite gold. I think this color is stunning!

- The model consists of 310 pieces.
- Height of the lamp (without handle) - 8.0 inches (approx - 20 cm).

I really hope that you'll like this model and help me with your support.
Thank you so much for your attention!

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