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RollerCoaster Tycoon Modular

As a kid I always was a fan of Chris Sawyer's RollerCoaster Tycoon game. One of the best built, well-engineered management/tycoon computer games. You can spend hours managing your own Amusement park, building it to your own desire. I noticed Lego getting more and more into Coasters, Ferris wheels and other thrilling rides. You can build your own Amusement park using only Lego. But there is one thing missing with all Lego Amusement rides, they don't have anything connecting them together making for a better whole.

The set I'm promoting is not a series of sets or a theme. It is just this one set existing of 3 modular attractions and 2 refreshment stands. Owners of Lego rides and attractions can adapt their own sets to match the modular system, using their own creativity. They will have to buy multiples of these sets to get more of the iconic entrences and exits (the maze and the Ferris wheel in their Theme park will also become bigger this way). It is not my intention to post all RollerCoaster Tycoon attractions in Lego. Almost all parts are existing parts in existing colors. Roughly 1900 pieces, mostly medium sized.

The set features in total:
3 entrances with 3 que tiles with signs,
3 exits with regular tiles with either a bench/garbage can/streetlight, 
a Pirate Swinging Ship ride
a Maze (not the green baseplates)
a Ferris wheel
a Burgerstall
an Icecreamstall
a mechanic, a handyman with a special puke/vomit tile and 2 guests.

Have fun!

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