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Greenhouse Garden Shop


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Spring has arrived and your neighborhood garden shop is fully stocked. Come have a spot of tea in the craftsman style cottage tea room, pick up some baby trees and flower starts. Everything is ready for your gardening needs!

This idea started out as an inspiration to build in something in a larger than minifigure scale. The original version of this greenhouse is 3 times mini figure scale. It is a scale that is fantastic for detail but unfortunately also too large for a Lego Idea. Giffen Gardens made its public debut at Brickcon 2022 in Seattle. Many have asked if they could have instructions to build their own version. It had such a positive feedback that it made me thing what if it could be built as a Lego set?

So what makes the garden shop unique? It has a open concept, the side of the greenhouse has been intentionally left off. This feature allows the builder to view and see the multitude of plant stands, flowers, checkout desk, and gardening supplies. A pebble path winds around the display chalked full of more botanical splendor. The cottage uses techniques to add texture to its walls. Deep Blue shutters and window boxes bring a splash of color. Even the side features a deep red chimney and climbing clematis. The back features a surprise as the back swings open to revel a fully furnished tea shop.

The Garden shop would be a fantastic set. It would appeal to not only fans of the Botanical Collection but those who love to garden, have their personal town displays as well as being a standalone set.

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