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Skull Island


Hello, thank you for viewing my project! This is my miniature design for the King Kong Wall on Skull Island. It is based on the design of the original 1933 King Kong film. It will be just as great for any fans of any of the Kong films as it is pretty much just the design of the wall and altar that changes within the various adaptions of the films based on what I have created.

The large Gorilla mini figures comes from the 776026 Gorilla Grodd goes Bananas DC theme set. I have made it so that the printing on the forehead is removed and the eyes are slightly different to resemble King Kong more.

The micro mini figures are meant to represent Ann and two natives from Skull Island.

One of the main features of the set are that the two large doors open and close and can be two with two breakable planks which can simulate Kong pushing open the two doors by breaking the giant planks.

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