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Because there aren't many NORMAL Lego cars, I thougt it would be nice, if Lego sells some not-special cars like ambulances, policecars or stuff like that. Unfortunately the cars are low, so there can't sit a minifigure inside in most of the sets :(
Each car represent a single set.


Orange car:
Well, this one hasn't got something special, except that there can sit a minifig inside!


Just an average car. At the front I added a little round piece as "brand logo".

The frog at front of the car was painted gold. First it was green, but I think a golden frog looks more luxurious. This car is a little bit longer than the black car.

I think this one is the best, because I tried a different style. This one is the longest car.

A green convertible. This one DOES fit minifigures as you can see!

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